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One of the biggest limitations with the US government is that, although the population has grown, the number of people making decisions has been roughly the same since the get go. Since the original population of 2 million in this country has grown to over 328 million, the number of legislators increased from 87 to 535 people, changing the percentage of our representation from .0045% of the population to .00016% of the population. …

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Since Marianne Williamson brought the idea of reparations to the public discourse during the 2020 Democratic primaries, we have made little progress in establishing exactly what that would look like. Because life is more than money, reparations should be about more than merely paying off the African American community for what their ancestors had to endure.

How could we possibly come up with a monetary amount that would be a suitable reparation for the centuries of slavery, Jim Crow laws, lynchings, segregation, and other indignities the African American population has suffered at the hands of America? How do you factor…

St Patrick was born the son of a deacon and the grandson of a priest,

In 387, he was actually born in Scotland and a fortune he was bequeathed

But fortune didn’t smile on Patrick, and he was kidnapped at the age of 16

Taken by raiders to Gaelic Ireland, as a slave he tended sheep

Though he learned the customs of the druids, he prayed to God a hundred times a day

And God came to him in a dream and told him how to escape

Although Patrick escaped the druids, he was captured again by the French.


After the ridiculousness of this last election, I started considering my own run for POTUS. I mean, Obama and I share the same birthday, with him being exactly ten years older. And Sarasota Republican Club named Trump “Statesmen of the Year” twice! Bush #2 was in my hometown reading My Pet Goat to children on 9/11… and I used to have a pet goat!

With that much synchronicity, how can I not at least think about the possibilities, right? The greatest challenge is this two party system, which doesn’t allow people like me to really be part of the conversation…

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I think that from every angle of the political spectrum, we can look at things and realize that they’re largely screwed up, and a lot of it can be attributed to money. In most of the concerns people have today, so much of it revolves around money. Money seems to be currently causing more damage than good.

The question that keeps coming back to me lately is “what if we lived in a world without money?” I know it may seem incredibly idealistic, but what if we lived in a society that simply did the right thing because it was…

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As with most Monday nights, I was at Elixir Tea House waiting to host the poetry circle, as I’ve done for more than two years now. Since many of my poems come in the form of songs, I was picking away on my guitar when the two young men stepped from the hallway and gestured their approval. One of them asked what kind of guitar it was.

“Takamine,” I said. “Her name’s Georgia. Do you play?”

One of them shook his head and pointed to the other one who said he’d been playing for about two years, mostly worship music…

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There is a good chance that our most recent election serves America best by letting us recognize that the system we have claimed as the best democracy on the planet is in need of some improvement. We were again given only two choices that most of us didn’t want to make, and that should make us question if our system is really promoting the will of the people. …

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After recent events in which the president of the United States asked Georgia state officials to help him cheat in the 2020 election and incited a riot in Washington DC to protest democracy, many are questioning the possibility of invoking the 25th Amendment to remove the 45th president from office. Unfortunately, it’s a bit complicated, and it might prove to be more harmful than helpful.

The challenge with the 25th Amendment is that it requires more commitment to country than to power and party, and the members of the Trump administration and his allies have proven throughout the last four…

“Enough”a poem by Steve McAllister

we don’t really need to serve our traditions of debt

that tell us that life must be tough

at any time we can say there will be no more

we can embrace the idea of enough

we don’t need to serve the economy of more

we don’t need to continually enable greed

we can take a step back and take a deep breath

and reconsider what we really need

but, some may say, what about all my rights

to have all that I can purchase

you’re certainly free to hoard up all…

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After attending the SRQ New Year’s Eve party at the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium and seeing a band perform a rousing rendition of “Pour Some Sugar On Me”, one of my first endeavors for the new year was to learn how to play the iconic Def Leppard song myself. While it was certainly fun to play, it soon dawned on me that my energy would be better used in writing a song of my own. Staying in the key of Am, I started to let the chords come together, and eventually a melody came to mind.

I recorded myself singing the…

Steve McAllister

I write songs, poetry, articles, books, and other collections of words. I also like to sing, act, make videos and dream up stuff. My website is

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