While many people know me as being fun living, thoughtful, and considerate, some remember me for my lesser moments of being an insensitive buffoon. Generally, I can be quite empathetic and caring, which often allows me to be a wonderful host and enjoyable company. But sometimes, I’m just an asshole.

After visiting the Rocktoberfest music festival I’d seen while giving a tour with Discover Sarasota Tours on Saturday, I decided to return on Sunday. I drove the van for the Psychic Tour until 3:00, and since my motorcycle was in the shop awaiting a new throttle cable, I asked one…

Although I was a motorcyclist in California for nearly two years nearly twenty years ago, this time around, I’ve only been riding for about two months and would still be considered a novice. When I first purchased a motorcycle in 2002, I bought it in Reno, Nevada and basically learned…

Half a lifetime ago, about twenty-five years, I got a call from my college buddy, Matt Corbin, who asked if I wanted to drive to Alaska with him and make all sorts of money working the fishing season. At the time, I was living in Orlando, juggling four different jobs…

A Fond Farewell To Florida

After my first night of camping and some time alone in nature, I was itching to get a few more miles under me. It wasn’t long before I made my way to the Dixie Highway, US 1. It was a beautiful thing to first set…

My Musical Motorcycle Journey Begins

While I had been planning for June 4th to be the day I left Sarasota on my motorcycle, Vivian, for a few weeks, my impeccable timing forced me to wait for the postal worker to bring me one last package, rain gear that would allow me…

“We’re trying to democratise financial services, to ensure that management and movement of money is a right for all citizens, not the privilege of the affluent.”

– Dan Schulman, President and CEO, PayPal

In 2011, I challenged myself to live for a year without using money. I did pretty well…

as we participate in business

we establish what we call a market

this is where we need to use our heads

we would be wise if we would hearken

the lessons that history has taught us

as we still continue to learn

what we’re actually capable of

and how we…

Steve McAlphabet

I write songs, poetry, articles, books, and other collections of words. I also like to sing, act, make videos and dream up stuff. My website is www.stevemc.xyz

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