The Essence of ABC Squared Economics

Steve McAlphabet
4 min readJun 14, 2021
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The basis of what I’ve come to call ABC Squared Economics is having the ability to channel energy toward our external goals in order to develop a more vibrant economy for individuals and the collective. By empowering people with a simple means of directing the flow of their economic energy, the intention is to develop the highest capacity for well-being as individuals and as a collective by more effectively realizing and sharing assets.

The ABC Squared Economics model builds on the four avenues through which people participate in society: the Artistry of life, innovation in Business, engagement through Citizenry, and the development of Community. Obviously, each avenue reaches greater levels of complexity, and the paths do cross, yet these four activities account for the bulk of human behavior. This allows for a good starting point in understanding where we are, what we have to work with, and where we are going.

“This new generation of networked people understand they are living through a third industrial revolution,” writes Paul Mason in Postcapitalism: A Guide To Our Future, “but they are coming to realize why it has stalled: with the credit system broken, capitalism cannot sustain the scale of automation that is possible, and the destruction of jobs implied by the new technologies. The economy is already producing and reproducing a networked lifestyle and consciousness, at odds with the hierarchies of capitalism. The appetite for radical economic change is clear. The next question is: what do we have to do to achieve it?”

It is my contention that we have to empower people to cultivate these four aspects of their lives: Artistry, Business, Citizenry, and Community. The digital innovations at our disposal makes it possible to have an open source, transparent economic system that will reflect our true wealth rather than usurp it. Since roughly 92% of the monetary supply is digital and has no physical existence, building on blockchain technology could allow us to not only track the flow of each unit of currency but also empower us to direct it to create the economy we want rather than the one that is mandated to us.

Online reality is the art of this generation. As such, each activity and every transaction has an artist behind it. Either through the product being sold or merely the…

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