Pay What You Want Poetry

Steve McAlphabet
4 min readOct 18, 2021

After visiting the Rocktoberfest music festival I’d seen while giving a tour with Discover Sarasota Tours on Saturday, I decided to return on Sunday. I drove the van for the Psychic Tour until 3:00, and since my motorcycle was in the shop awaiting a new throttle cable, I asked one of the other guides to drop me off on his way home. I found a spot of shade in the amphitheater by the Doughboy statue as the rest of JD Hamel Park was filled with music and vendors, and I set up shop.

I placed my 1959 Royal Futura 800 typewriter on top of its case in front of me and placed my tip bucket next…

Steve McAlphabet

I recently produced a documentary about my 73 day motorcycle tour to celebrate the legacy of Will Rogers and perform my show “Get The Bunk Out”.