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  • Edward Robson, PhD, MFA

    Edward Robson, PhD, MFA

    Retired psychologist, wordsmith, teacher, learner. Buy me coffee: ko-fi.com/edrobson. ecrobson@gmail.com

  • David Valdes

    David Valdes

    David Valdes is a Cuban-American playwright and author. He’s written about family, race, and LGBTQ issues for the New York Times, Boston Globe, and HuffPo.

  • David Perlmutter

    David Perlmutter

    David Perlmutter is a freelance writer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

  • Vitoria Nunes

    Vitoria Nunes

    Writer, practical idealist, and mom. Reimagining society one word at a time ✌🏽 Instagram @RebelThinkrs

  • Lison Mage

    Lison Mage

    I help clever people conquer overthinking and make better decisions. New book release by end 2021. To know more: https://lisonmage.com

  • Jack Road

    Jack Road

    Writer on the move. Vagabond, visiting the world and exploring everything.

  • Tessa Schlesinger

    Tessa Schlesinger

    Global citizen. Author. Thinker. Polymath. Climate change. Progressive. Loves photography, beauty, dancing, and believes benevolence is a survival mechanism.

  • Errity Green, M.A.

    Errity Green, M.A.

    Errity Green, M.A. is a writer, mother, author, and influencer. She lives on a farm, shares on social media, and loves yoga, cold weather, and chai lattes.

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