Could A WeBMaP Help Us Find Our Way To A Brighter Future?

Steve McAlphabet
3 min readJun 9, 2021

The internet is indeed a world wide web, and in order to make the most of it, and use it as an avenue for economic development, we need to make a map of how to get from where we are to where we want to be and how to channel our money so that it can get from where it is to where it needs to be. We need a WeBMaP.

In order to make ABC Squared Economics scalable, we need for people to be able to create a profile and select a primary identity as either an Artist, Business, Citizen, or Community member. Granted, any individual or organization could provide more than one offering or play more than one role, but each profile is given the ability to channel its economic flow as it sees fit.

For instance, as an Artist, I can create projects and collaborate with other Artists on developing new streams of revenue. Because I am a multi-faceted Artist, as I develop my profile, I can let potential collaborators know that I can serve as a song, script, copy, or poetry writer, rhythm guitarist, singer, actor, filmmaker, publisher, and other artistic roles that I may not have discovered yet. From there, I see what Businesses I can connect with to get people appreciating my art, then I make connections with the city, county, state, and country I happen to be a Citizen of at the time, and how I want to engage with the Community in creating a better world for all involved.

If a person of Business signs up, they are also going to be able to map out the products and services they provide in order to create multiple streams of revenue for themselves. Certainly, Artists can serve on projects as Businesses as well. In theory, so can organizations or individuals that also classify as a Citizen or Community member.

For any given project, a person could play different or multiple roles. As we play these roles, we map out the relationships and energy exchanges we experience along the way, allowing money to be the memory that it is, and encouraging it to flow the way that a currency should in a vibrant economy. Humans are, after all, multi-faceted beings. As we move beyond the corporate/industrial methodology of specialization, a lot of us are going to realize that we’re a lot more talented and a lot more wealthy than we have been previously led to believe.

A WeBMaP will help us find our way.

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